The Wedding of Kimberly & Nickolas

Kimberly and I have been practicing for this wedding for six years now. She has been a loyal model and good friend, offering to help with school projects and photoshoot ideas. She has been a massive help in my photography journey. Whether it is brainstorming for the school project subjects or dragging me through a GoodWill after I had a bit too much to drink to find a punk outfit while I criticized the other patrons I can always count on Kim. Iā€™m a better photographer because of her and our practice paid off with these photos of her wedding day.

The Wedding Of Samual & Megan Wood.

It was the hottest day of the year; July 20th, 2019. Ninety-eight degrees but it felt like it was one hundred sixteen. It wasn't the best conditions to get back into wedding photography but I made it work. A Nikon D810 is the camera I use, and most of the day I had my 70-200 2.8 mounted on it. This was my first wedding with this lens and I have to say it came in handy. I use to only use my 50mm lens, with that I always felt like I was too far away during the ceremony. All in all, I think the photographs turned out nicely.